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Malcolm Blair-Robinson is a writer of thrillers mostly set with a historical backdrop, to add colour and authenticity. Murder and sex, sometimes explicit, blend with intrigue and dark secrets from the past— often with a hint of the paranormal.

Meet the Author

Born into an Anglo-German family with an unusual history, Malcolm Blair-Robinson has never conformed to expectation. He dropped out of the education system early, and saw life as a series of interesting challenges, rather than a predictable career path. His real ambition was to be a writer, but stopovers in poultry farming, politics and the City; two marriages and six children all combined, to distract him until he was in his fifties. His first two novels were then published in paperback.

‘I had this idea, that there was a market for short, snappy thrillers in a compelling style, using as few words as possible, to create gripping narratives, which the literary establishment sniffed at, but ordinary people found entertaining. They started to sell quite well until the publishers went bust. The literary people giggled, but, by then, I had a new challenge.’

The new challenge was his youngest daughter, born with a very rare, life-long illness. Malcolm became a full time househusband and carer as well as something of an expert on his daughter’s life-threatening condition. Tragically, she lost her fight for life in 2007 at the age of twelve.

‘This was my golden age. I knew what was needed, and how I could help. Nurturing an impaired life, and bringing up children is a wonderful, satisfying experience and never a chore even at 24/7 and broken nights. I learned fundamental truths: What matters and what doesn’t. It was so important for us living, to honor her memory, by getting on with our own lives.’

Malcolm returned to writing, and embraced print-on-demand with enthusiasm. Two light romantic thrillers—Stanislaw’s Crossing and A Gift of Treason—appeared in 2008, followed by the non-fiction commentary on the state of our country 2010: A Blueprint for Change in 2009. This gave birth to his blog: Updated with new posts several times weekly, and now containing close to half a million words with followers in the UK, USA, Europe, Russia and the Far East. He has also found time, to campaign for constitutional reform and reform of family courts and child protection.

Unsurprisingly, Malcolm has discovered Kindle, and has decided to revise and re-publish his old titles, as they are ideal for reading from a device rather than a book.