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Malcolm Blair-Robinson is a writer of thrillers mostly set with a historical backdrop, to add colour and authenticity. Murder and sex, sometimes explicit, blend with intrigue and dark secrets from the past— often with a hint of the paranormal.

2010: A Blueprint for Change

2010: A Blue Print for Change contains radical ideas, and suggested challenges, for voters to consider and evaluate with the forthcoming election in mind. The simplicity of the analysis, and the practical common sense solutions he is suggesting is completely in tune with the public mood, and provides what amounts to a peoples’ manifesto, for change in the light of the Financial Crisis/Expense Crisis/Afghan War and other key issues.
The book is divided into parts covering the Economy, Foreign Affairs, the Constitution, Health (NHS), Education and Quality of Life. There is no doubt it will be a best-seller, and will be a must-read for every politician and voter alike.